Monday, September 17, 2007

Local Night Out - Sept. 27th

Many area restaurants that don't normally have locally produced food on their menus are changing their offerings for this special night. The list of participating restaurants is at the Buy Fresh Buy Local site:

At L'Etoile, we're offering a $35 prix fixe dinner menu. We hope this menu entices people who've never been to L'Etoile to come in and experience our unique offerings. So, if you know of anyone who has never been to L'Etoile because they thought it was too pricey, now is your chance to let them know to try us out.

If you've been to L'Etoile before and are "hard core" local food eaters we suggest you go to one of the other restaurants that night which don't normally have a significant local emphasis. It would be great if those restaurants had lots of people asking about their ingredients and where they come from. AND it would be also great if they had lots of customers on that night. It is very important that restaurants (as business owners) can see that there really is a significant population of us who care about where our food is grown and are willing to make purchasing decisions based on this.

So yeah, we're actually saying if you've been to L'Etoile and you like what we are all about, then on the 27th it might be a great night to support another restaurant that is giving the local ingredients thing a try.


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